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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Irving's Favorites

Favorite Paintings: Raphael, “The School of Athens”; V. Serov, “Zaporzhie Cossacks Writing a Mocking Letter to the Turkish Sultan”; Edvard Munch, “The Scream”

Favorite Sayings:

„Es gibt keine Vorstellungen ohne etwas zu vorstellen.“ — Alexius von Meinong, Über Gegenstände höherer Ordnung

Not “Cogito, ergo sum”, but: Existo, ergo sum.

If Ockham’s razor won’t get rid of the bachelor’s wife — try pegasizing him.

“Life is not first-order; Life is not second-order: Life is Life.” — Jean van Heijenoort

Vera pro gratiis.

“Amicus Plato, sed magis amia veritas.” — Aristotle, Ethicorum Aristotelis Stagiritæ ad Nichomachum, Bk. I, Chapt. 6

“The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” — Linus Pauling

Old logicians never die — they just negate their existential quantifiers!

A = A

Self-description: Старый как малый.

Favorite novels: F. M. Dostoevskii, Cреступление и наказание [Crime and Punishment; better translation “Transgression and Punishment”); Vladimir V. Nabokov, Pnin

Favorite humorists: (literary): Nikolai Gogol’; Nikolai Leskov; Sholom Aleichem; (musical): “P.D.Q. Bach” (aka Peter Schickele)

Favorite poems: anonymous, “Слово о полку Игoреве” [“Lay of the Host of Igor”; also called “Song of Igor’s Campaign”]; anonymous, Поестъ о Горе и Злочастии” [“Tale of Woe and Misfortune”; sometimes also mistranslated as “Misery-Luckless Plight”] (which I think it’s about me)

Favorite literary non-fiction: Слово “O законе и блаодати” [Sermon “On Law and Grace” of Metropolitan Ilarion; “Житие протопoпа Аввакума, имъ самимъ написанное” [The Life of Protopope Avvakum, written by Himself]

Favorite operas: Mussorgskii, “Boris Godunov”, “Khovanshchina”; Borodin, “Prince Igor”; Verdi, “Aida”

Favorite orchestral works:
Mozart, “Eine kleine Nachtmusik“, Beethoven, Sympony No. 9, „Choral“

Favorite all-around composers (in roughly descending order):
J. S. Bach, Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Telemann, Pachelbel, Alessandro Scarlatti, Domenico Scarlatti

Some favorite intellectual companions:

History: Herodotus; Thucydides; Plutarch; Jacob Burckhardt; John Bagnell Bury; Michael Grant

Theology/Religious Thought: Hilarion; Avvakum; Feodr Dostoevsky; St. Pavel Florensky; Nikolai Berdyaev

Philosophy: Aristotle; Gottfried W. Leibniz; Immanuel Kant; Edmund Husserl; Rudolf Carnap; Ludwig Wittgenstein

Psychology & History of Psychology: William James, Granville Stanley Hall, Alexius von Meinong; George Sidney Brett

Mathematics: Euclid; Paolo Bonasoni; Karl Friedrich Gauss; Nikolai Lobachevsky; Hermann Grassmann; William Rowan Hamilton; Karl Weierstrass; Eugenio Beltrami; Saunders Mac Lane

Logic & Set Theory: Aristotle; Chrysippus; G. W. Leibniz; George Boole; Charles S. Peirce; Richard Dedekind; Georg Cantor; David Hilbert; Ernst Schröder; Giuseppe Peano; Gottlob Frege; Bertrand Russell; Ivan Zhegalkin; Edward V. Huntington; Kurt Gödel

History & Philosophy of Mathematics: Dietrich Mahnke; Sof'ya Yanovskaya; Feodr Medvedev

History of Logic: Robert Adamson; Nikolai Styazhkin; Jean van Heijenoort

Some favorite web sites and newsgroups:

Logic on the World Wide Web: http:www_phil.tamu.edu/Philosophy/logic.html

An Annotated Bibliography on the History of Logic: http://www.formalontology.it/history_of_logic.htm

ARISBE: The Peirce Gateway: http://www.cspeirce.com/

Peirce List: Peirce-l@lyris.ttu.edu

Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies: linwww.ira.yka.de/bibliography/

Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library: http://mathforum.org/library/

Bertrand Russell Archives: http://www.mcmaster.ca/russdocs/russell.htm

Russell List: russell-l@mailman.cis.McMaster.CA

Kurt-Gödel-Gesellshchaft: http://kgs.logic.at/

Hist-Math: historia-mathematica@chasque.apc.org

For links to Mathematical Logic around the world, the most complete source for lists of web sites devoted to the subject, visit http://world.logic.at/


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