Welcome! to the home page of historian of mathematics and logic Dr. Irving H. Anellis. I am currently a Visting Research Associate at the Peirce Project and Institute for American Thought, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis. e-mail: ianellis@iupui.edu

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dr. Irving Anellis's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Irving Anellis's Curriculum Vitae

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An Annotated Bibliography of Western-Language (Mainly English) Sources on the History of Formal Logic in Russia

Mathematical Logic & Set Theory
Emphases: Metamathematics, Proof Theory, Set-theoretic Foundations of Analysis & Number Theory; Universal Algebra, especially Boolean Algebra and Algebraic Logic

History of Logic
Emphases: Proof Theory, Set Theory and Foundations; Algebraic Logic, Peirce, Russell, Mathematical Logic in Russia & the Soviet Union

History of Mathematics
Universal Algebra, X-XVIIth Century Russian Mathematics & History of Mathematics Education in Russia

Ph.D., Philosophy (Specialization: Logic), Brandeis University, 1977
M.A., Philosophy, Duquesne University, 1971
B.A., Philosophy, Northeastern University, 1969


Iowa State University, Mathematics, 1985-86 (Axiomatic Set Theory; Mathematical Logic; History of Mathematics; ISU Conference on Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra in Science, June 1988; audits)

University of Iowa, Mathematics, 1983-85 (Logic Seminar: Forking and Stability in Model Theory; History of Mathematics; Ring Theory Seminar; audits); Spring & Summer 1981 (Set Theory Seminar; American Mathematical Society Summer Research Workshop on Banach Spaces; audits); Philosophy, 1969-70

University of Colorado, Mathematics, American Mathematical Society Summer Research Conference on Axiomatic Set Theory, June 1983 (by invitation)

McMaster University, Faculty Algebra Seminar, 1982-83

Brown University, American Mathematical Society Short Course on Systems and Control Theory, August 1978

University of Florida, Mathematics, Spring 1979 (Colloquium on Algorithmic Logic, with Helena Rasiowa; participated with Zbigniew Ras in "Computability and Unsolvability" course); Division of Continuing Education, March 1978, (Interdisciplinary Language Institute on "Language, Mind, and Brain")

Framingham State College, Mathematics, Summer 1977 ("Introduction to Computer Programming", BASIC), Education, 1973-74 (courses in education and psychology, completing all requirements for high school teaching certificate in Massachusetts, except Teaching Practicum); Library Science ("Cataloging and Classification")

Brandeis University, 1974-77 (Ph.D.) Philosophy (Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, History & Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Algebraic Structures of Formal Systems; Analytic Philosophy, Logical Positivism; Frege, Russell, Carnap, Bergmann, Quine, Goodman); Ph.D. Thesis: Ontological Commitment in Ideal Languages: Semantic Interpretations for Logical Positivism; Director: Jean van Heijenoort)

Duquesne University, 1970-72 (M.A.) Philosophy (Phenomenology; Logical Positivism; Brentano, Meinong, Husserl, Heidegger, Frege, Russell, Carnap, Bergmann)

Northeastern University, 1965-69 (B.A.), Philosophy (minor: History; Continuing Education Seminar: Physics & Philosophy, Spring 1968)


Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, January 2008-, Visiting Research Scholar, Peirce Edition Project, Institute for American Thought

Des Moines Area Community College, Boone, 1990-December 1996, 1998-99, Part-time Adjunct Instructor, Logic

Des Moines Area Community College, Ames, 1990, Part-time Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Iowa State University (Mathematics), 1987-88, Visiting Scholar; 1985-87, Independent Researcher

University of Iowa (Mathematics), Visitor, Independent Researcher and Part-time Instructor, June 1983-August 1985; Visiting Lecturer, Spring 1981; (New Dimensions in Learning), Mathematics Tutor, Spring 1984

McMaster University (Bertrand Russell Editorial Project), Research Associate in History of Mathematics and Logic, June 1982-May 1983

University of Minnesota-Duluth (Mathematics), Assistant Professor, September 1981-May 1982

Nominazione: Rivista Internazionale di Logica (Milan, Italy), Visiting Research Consultant, March 1982

Mount St. Clare College (Mathematics), Instructor, with rank of Assistant Professor, September 1980-May 1981

Mississippi Valley State University (Mathematics & Computer Science), Assistant Professor, September 1979-May1980

University of Florida (Philosophy), Adjunct Research Scholar, January 1978-September 1979; Adjunct Instructor, Spring 1979

Brandeis University (Philosophy), Teaching Assistant, Spring & Fall 1975

Northeastern University (College of Criminal Justice), Teaching Assistant/Grader, Winter 1972-73

Courses Taught
Mathematics: Remedial Mathematics (Arithmetic), Pre-calculus, Intermediate Algebra, Analytic Geometry & Trigonometry, Finite Mathematics, Calculus I, Calculus III, Calculus Short Course for Business & Liberal Arts; Mathematics for Junior High School Teachers, Mathematics for Senior High School Teachers; Introduction to Set Theory and Logic

Philosophy: Introduction to Logic; Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Courses Willing & Able to Teach
Mathematics: Arithmetic, Introduction to Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Calculus for Business & Social Science, Logic, History of Logic, History of Computers & Computing, Introduction to Boolean Algebra & Switching Circuitry Theory, History of Mathematics, History of Mathematics for Teachers (Integrating History of Mathematics into Teaching; Motivating Mathematics through History of Mathematics

Philosophy: Informal Logic, Introduction to Formal Logic, Introduction to Symbolic Logic, History of Logic, History of Philosophy, Russian Social & Political Thought

Social & Cultural Studies: Russian Social & Political Thought, Survey of Russian History, Introduction to Conversational Russian & Russian Culture


Michael-Lilly Private Home Services, Office Assistant, December 2006-January 2007

Peirce Edition Project @ Université de Québec à Montréal, Contributing Editor (for logic and mathematics), PEP volume 7, Century Dictionary, November 2005-December 2007

Peirce Publishing, Owner & Editor/Publisher, May 2005-May 2007

Modern Logic Publishing, Owner & Editor/Publisher, 1989-98

Modern Logic: International Journal for the History of Mathematical Logic, Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics; editor, 1990-98

International Commission of the History of Mathematics and the American Mathematical Society, Joseph W. Dauben History of Mathematics CD-ROM Bibliography, Contributor, for general history (Russian sources), logic, Russian logic (1997)

Peirce Edition Project (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis), Contributing Editor (for logic and mathematics), 1989-present

Journal of the IGPL (Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics), Referee

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Math-History Conference (Midwest Regional Math-History Conference) Organizing Committee Member, April 1988-97

Eighth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Moscow, 17-22 August 1987, Chairman, Symposium on Philosophical Topics in the Development of Mathematics

Philosophia Mathematica, Assistant Editor, 1985-87; Full Member, Editorial Board, 1987-89

Bertrand Russell Society, Library Committee Member, 1986-92; Board of Directors Member, 1988-96

American Mathematical Society, Session on Set Theory, 22 March 1985, Chicago, Chairman; Special Session on Proof Theory, 5-9 January 1983, Denver, Organizer and Chairman; Russian Translator for Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (listed, 1979)

Rivista Internazionale di Logica, Board Member, International Advisory Board, 1980-82

American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematical Notes, Referee, 1981

Mississippi Valley State University, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Textbook Recommendation Committee, Honors Thesis Committee, Curriculum Development, 1979-80

University Presses of Florida, Referee, 1978-79

Editor for Educational Psychologist Dr. Gary D. Seiler, 1978-79

Retrospective Indexing Project, Philosopher's Index, (Bowling Green State University), Assistant Editor for Logic, Philosophy of Science, and Soviet Philosophy, April 1978-October 1981

Studies in Soviet Thought/Studies in East European Thought, Book Reviewer, 1979-97

Cognition and Brain Theory, Book Reviewer, 1979-981

SISTM [Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Mind] Quarterly, Assistant Editor for Book Reviews, 1979

Society for the Study of Mind/Brain/Machine, Interdisciplinary Symposium, 29 April 1977, American Philosophical Association, Chicago, Moderator

Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, Research Division, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (Work-Study Program, Northeastern University), March-June 1967, Research Assistant

Brandeis University, Graduate Fellowship, 1976-77
Brandeis University, Graduate Scholarships, 1975-76, 1976-77


British Biographical Institute, Men of Achievement, Scientific Achievement, 1980

American Biographical Institute, Personalities of America, Outstanding Scientific Achievement, 1981

First-Step Grant, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (April 2005)


History: ancient & medieval history; Russian studies: Russian political, literary, and cultural history

Community Service: Webster County (Iowa) Disabilities Alliance, mathematics & budgeting tutorials; Webster County Disabilities Alliance Education & Community Awareness Committee


Irving Anellis's Home Page

Bibliography of Dr. Anellis

Irving's Favorites

Book giveaway

An Annotated Bibliography of Western-Language (Mainly English) Sources on the History of Formal Logic in Russia

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